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Rooks - Meaning of Dream


Rook in the dream often symbolizes any changes in personal relationships. This dream is a harbinger of a person who will appear in your life soon and who will bring happiness and love. Your relationships will develop, and this will fill your life with new meaning and will bring a lot of pleasant surprises.

Rooks in the dream, mean that you have true friends and loved ones that bring satisfaction and joy into your life. But at the same time they are experiencing some difficulties and need your help.

If you see a dead rook in the dream, it portends death or incurable illness in the near future. But also in some dream interpretations, dead bird means wedding or celebration.

To see the flying rook, means to receive a promise from a loved one. If the rook cries, it portends death. Also, the interpretation of this dream, foretells you idle chatter and gossip.

If a rook falls down from the sky on you, it portends risk of becoming a victim of a robbery or some violence. There are hostile people nearby and they start intrigues. It is worth to be cautious and to look closely to your surroundings.

For a young girl, to see a rook in the dream means that in the near future, she will be surrounded by male attention with unequivocal hints. Perhaps, she will be disappointed with her partner and will face a painful breakup.

For a man, a rook in the dream is a harbinger of a quick meeting with a woman, who will become his wife consequently; and will create comfort in the home and will be a perfect hostess and mother of his children. But if a rook in the man's dream shouts, it means the gossip behind the back, insidious machinations of enemies, and potential conflicts.

When in addition to rooks you see people in your dream, it is a signal about the upcoming wedding or other big festive event.

Rooks surrounded by other animals in your dream, foretell a meeting with old friends and a pleasant pastime.

To dream of a flock of rooks who cry, portends unpleasant contact with disgusting and hysterical person who can cause a lot of trouble.

If rooks are flying in a dream, soon there will be warm and nice weather.

If you see rooks picking up the crumbs in the dream it means gossips behind your back.

To see dead rooks in own house, indicates grief in the family: the loss of a relative, illness or death of someone in the household.

If rooks in a dream are flying over the house, it is a sign of news about deceased relative or friend, who was away.

If you dreamed of something bad, it does not mean that the dream will surely come true, so do not worry prematurely. But caution and prudence will not hurt. Pay attention to your health and well-being of loved ones.

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