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Rope - Meaning of Dream

A rope has many different interpretations, subject to how you see it. Choose the most precise description of your actions with a rope and read the definition further.

If you twist a rope, it states that you can be trapped in a situation, which will require the demonstration of your will power.

Hanging laundered linen on the rope signifies that your nature can’t be characterized unambiguously. Many people, who know you a little, can’t comprehend how you can be so serious and demanding at work, and at the same time stay soft and caring at home.

If your hands are tied with a rope, it portends depression over the circumstances with which you are powerless.

If you see how a rope is being manufactured, it will be hard for you to achieve the goal; ascend or descend on it –represents you being on a confusing way; to attach yourself with a rope means to deceive others.

If a rope hangs horizontally, it bodes that you will hit the road. If it hangs vertically and straight, it warns you of danger on the road with transport.

To see a loop on the rope portends deception and stroke.

Rope is a designation of fate ordained to a dreamer. If you hold a rope but it tears, then in reality your life is in deathly danger, which you will manage to avoid, just showing caution and prudence.

To make knots in the rope warns that you are communicating with the wrong people, so expect big trouble, and the best solution for you is to break up relations with such people.

Very long rope predicts a long life, but be ready - it will not be carefree. Stay tuned and do not risk, because such a long life is not given in vain.

To unravel the rope or unleash numerous knots on portends that you will be free from the power of unworthy man over you, and it should be a decisive event in life, after which you will demonstrate your abilities and realize own plans.

To bind something with a rope warns that you have no rights to intervene in the fate of the people around. With your involvement in their problems you draw troubles upon yourself. Even your sincere desire to help should be abandoned, because it is not your destiny.

If you climb over an obstacle on a stretched rope and it suddenly breaks and you fall down, but that nightmare ends before you reach the ground and you wake up, it means that life will praise you excessively.

Torn ropes portend a successful resistance to hatred and rivalry.

If you search in a dream for a strong rope, you will be overshadowed with determination and you are going to put the final point in the case; you will have the chance to save someone who needs your help.

If you make a rope ladder, it signifies that shaky expectations will not come true; you need to change occupation and do not rely on anything you don’t believe in.

If you see yourself with a rope around own neck, it indicates that you are tired and you need to take a break or vacation.

For a woman, to see a rope portends the acquaintance with an influential sponsor, and to receive false information through friends.