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Rot - Meaning of Dream

Rot seen in a dream can be interpreted as a sign of unpleasant events, which you waited and were afraid of. However, the devil isn't always as black as it's painted.

Bad smelling rot portends that you will probably have quarrels with family and friends.

If you see rot under own feet, it predicts the receipt of some unpleasant news. After seeing this dream, you might get sick.

If you dreamed, that while cutting vegetables or fruit, you saw rot inside, it foreshadows that you will be disappointed with someone from the family. Beware of a trick, betrayal, and deception. Chances are that you will be blackmailed.

If you see that fruits and vegetables in your refrigerator start to rot, it bodes that you spend too much money in situations where it requires less.

Dreaming as if you got dirty with rotten stuff indicates that your life is complicated with gossip, and hostility is experienced by someone whom you know.

Rot in a dream symbolizes insecurity. Moreover rotten fruits portend frustration; and rotten vegetables - financial losses.

Dreaming of rotten wood hints on appropriate time to pay serious attention to own health.

Mold, rot (on products) predicts that things will go wrong. However, if you think of the reason, and find the source of your troubles, everything will end up successfully.