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Ruff - Meaning of Dream

Seeing such a fish as a ruff in your dream is bad luck.

If you have managed to hook a ruff in a dream, it denotes that your endeavors and hopes are not fated to be brought to life. Never think that your efforts towards some affair are in vain if it isn’t successful. You cannot imagine what invaluable experience it has brought to you (you will be able to do it much later). Remember that everybody makes mistakes. People learn in such a way. Consider such a prediction as a hint. Maybe, you should already start looking for other spheres where you could show your paces and which will bring higher income.

Such a dream has another interpretation. It bodes acquiring some income (it is unknown where it will come from: you’ll earn it, somebody will present it to you, you’ll find it, you’ll win it, etc.). Anyway, it will help you to satisfy at least your essential needs. Or you can spend this money on different pleasant trifles. It is your choice. In any case, it will bring you joy and satisfaction.

Visiting a restaurant and being served a ruff in your dream characterizes you as a person in whose eyes it is easy to throw dust. In the most life situations you are too trustful, especially towards the people who don’t deserve it at all. That’s why you often have to pay for it. How you cannot understand that all people are different. You shouldn’t measure them all with the same yardstick.

If in your dream you have been trying to hook a ruff but it broke off, it betokens financial hardship soon. So, try to save some money beforehand because you may need it sooner than you think. Also, you’d better beware of suspicious business partners - they can pursue their own selfish ends. If their offer seems to you artificial and dubious, ask to give you some time for musing. During this period, you can consult with an experienced expert. It may prevent you from making a horrible mistake.

At the same time, such a dream plot can caution you against your friend or colleague’s betrayal (maybe, it will be the reason for your financial problems, who knows).

Scaling a ruff in a dream warns you against your evil-wishers. There can appear an open conflict rather soon. Although, it can happen that they will have a try to let you down quietly. The most deplorable thing is that they have all chances to manage it; they can make a fortune out of somebody’s letdown. Beware of such a possibility and do everything to prevent it. Your job, reputation and welfare are at stake.

If in your dream a ruff has pricked you, it signifies that you care too much about what other people may think of you. That’s why you do something sincerely very seldom, in most cases it is just for show. Definitely, you should get rid of this philosophy.