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Sand Dune - Meaning of Dream

A sand dune symbolizes the complexity and hard work. If you had such unusual dream in which you've seen a tree standing at the top of sand dune, this is an auspicious sign, promising an easy resolution of all problems.

If you climbed a dune with difficulty sinking in the sand, then be ready for setbacks and adversity. Such a dream indicates that you have to work very hard, but unfortunately, the boss won’t pay due attention to your dedication, and you won’t get the deserved reward for your work.

If you dreamed as if you proudly stood at the top of the dunes, it indicates the stability and strength of your position. In some cases, the dreams of the dunes may portend trouble in a family life. Try to immediately determine the cause of dissatisfaction with your family, in order to clarify the complex situation without any loss.

Descending the dunes foretells that a dreamer can relax, because the hard times in life have pass. Refuse thankless, tedious work and direct your efforts in a more peaceful direction.

If you stared at the dune, in reality get ready for upcoming quarrel. Demonstrate understanding and patience, it will help you find the right solution, even if the situation gets out of control. Do not get angry and do not be irritated, treat the weaknesses of others with condescension and do not let selfishness prevail over reason.

Ineffective attempts to climb the dune are a bad dream, predicting envy. Be careful, most likely others will envy your luck and try to complicate your path to success.

But if in a dream you managed to climb the top, it signifies that in reality you will take urgent measures to stay at the top as well. Still, do not forget that your enemies will gladly take advantage of the slightest slip, in order to replace you.

Miller interpreted a dune as a herald of troubles and problems that can make you worry and nervous. They will be small, but might appear too suddenly. If you saw a huge dune up to blue skies, you need to be ready for quarrels, conflicts and hardships.

Freud's dream book says that if you stand on the highest point of the dunes, this bodes that in the near future you will be in an extremely difficult situation. Do not worry; a little patience will let you solve all problems. If you descend the dunes, it tells that apparently you do not value the relationship with your current partner. Take your time and you will see that you can develop the relationships and enjoy it fully.