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Sandals - Meaning of Dream

Torn sandals tell you to get ready for the bad news. A dream about sandals on Tuesday night, on the contrary, means that the news should be optimistic. If you see other people wearing sandals, this dream foretells a quarrel with your best friend. Despite your attempts to improve relations, alas, it will be spoiled forever.

Dreaming of a stranger, wearing red sandals, in reality you will leave you home place forever, because close people will take you as a monster. In fact, it is not true, but dirty gossip around your name will have its effect and you will not exonerate yourself in your relative’s eyes.

Similar dream on Saturday night means that thanks to your skill and eloquence you will safely avoid slander and your reputation will be crystal clear.

Buying unfashionable and ugly sandals means that you may lose a loved one. Unfortunately, friends and family will not want to help you to change the situation.

If you feel happy looking at recently purchased new sandals, it's a good dream, promising life changes for the better. Torn or dirty sandals portend risk of meeting with detractors because of groundless criticism.

If you walk in black sandals, it indicates your engagement in important events that will greatly change your level life.

Very tight small sandals say that envious people will scoff at your beloved one. If you lose sandals - some of your folks might stop talking to you. If someone steal your sandals, in reality get ready for a trouble and loss.

If you are a woman and admired by beautiful and stylish sandals, be cautious: do not communicate with strange people, especially with men – talking with them requires compliance of a certain distance.

In a dream you are wearing new luxurious sandals, it means that soon a run of bad luck in your life will finish. Everything will have pleasant conclusions.

If you pound (hurt) your feet while wearing sandals, you may be in derision, so you have to monitor your behavior.

If you buy sandals which you don’t like, it foretells that you will not be supported by anyone of people you hope for.