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Saucer - Meaning of Dream

Empty saucer dish on a served table is a prediction that someone wants to mislead you. It is advisable to prepare for upcoming events and your enemies won’t be able to deceive you.

If you serve a table for a banquet and put the best new saucers on the table, this dream indicates your high creative abilities. In the near future you will be able to realize your potential in a very interesting project.

If a woman cooked a culinary masterpiece and placed it on a saucer, it means that she will be noticed by a person with whom she is in love.

If you buy a saucer or receive it as a present, it means that you will encounter events which will influence your view for life.

In a dream you put something tasty in a saucer, this dream means that you will easily fulfill your dreams in reality. For a woman, such a dream is a sign of attention from group of men.

To eat something from a beautiful saucer means that soon somebody will cause you financial expenses.

If you break a saucer in a dream, it means that you will have disorder in communication with a person you depend on. If you break it during a conflict while being angry, it means that you will need to spend all your energy for some of your affairs.

If you dream of a bright new saucer you will have success in love. Dirty and crashed saucer means disappointment in love affairs.