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Saxophone - Meaning of Dream


Saxophone, seen in a dream, foretells pleasant acquaintance with the opposite sex. Romance, started after this meeting, will have all chances to last a very long time. In addition, it is promising in terms of marital relations. If you dream that you play the saxophone, in reality you will have a significant career growth. If you dream that someone else is playing the saxophone, the reality you will have a promotion and rising through the ranks, which will be possible thanks to the assistance of a certain well-wisher.

Saxophone in the dream book of Miller. If you dream you are playing the saxophone, then in reality you seek for creative fulfillment and you would also like to join the spiritual values. A dream in which you hear the sounds of a saxophone reflects your mood. Unfortunately, your well-being is only visual, and you probably know very well about this. In your heart you have sadness that sometimes breaks out in the form of inexplicable sorrow. If the sounds of a saxophone add up to a beautiful melody, you will desire to have romantic dating and adventures. Probably for fulfillment of these desires you do not have enough free time. A dream in which saxophone makes unpleasant sounds portends dissatisfaction with the people around you. Most likely, this attitude is caused by your insincerity. Dream book says that new, beautiful saxophone in the dream, predicts good and profitable purchase.

To see musicians playing saxophone, is always beneficially good sign. This dream can brings joy, celebration, and the arrival of the long-awaited guests. To see great musicians playing, performing your favorite song, means success in work and professionalism. Yet it promises career growth or offer of a promising job.

Musician, who is giving a public concert, is the sign of the fun. If he played privately for the dreamer, then this means that the dreamer will receive a surprise from a dear person, a pleasant event and unexpected pleasure.

If you see a musician who came to perform with a tour in one of his numerous concerts, this dream portends fast vacation, travel, voyage, which will not only bring recreation, but also a pleasant acquaintance. And this circumstance is likely to later develop into a love relationship. In general, a holiday romance is not far off! Actors, singers, musicians in a dream, this is the key to solving problems. Subconscious gives a person some important clue, which you have to solve, and rebuild own life.

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