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Scales - Meaning of Dream

If you weight your body on the scales in a dream, it means that you live based on the concepts of justice. In fact, your prosperity will be improved.

For a woman, to weigh her lover, foretells her ability to evaluate his merits and his dedication will be a reward for her.

Scales symbolize stability, compromise and balance. It is believed that angels meet the souls of the dead and weigh each of them on divine scales and decide what outweighs more: good or evil.

If you have bought something and weigh it on scales, in reality you should make a difficult choice between the spiritual and material desires.

A dream, in which the seller weights your purchase wrong, is a harbinger that someone will try to delude you.

Broken scales foretell that your dreams and hopes will not come true.

If you see an angel with scales, it indicates that you should search for spiritual balance, which will bring you peace of mind.

If you want to check your weight and use scales, it demonstrates your doubts in some affairs that distract you from determining your course of life.

In a dream you see like someone tries to weigh you - beware. Your opponents will try all methods to transform their threats into actions.

To see scales in a dream means changes; if you receive it – promotion; for a woman – pregnancy.

If, while weighing in a dream, you see that you have lost some weight (become thinner), then you urgently need to take care of your health; if, on the contrary, you gained weight - you will encounter recognition, honor and respect from colleagues.

Gold coins in a bowl on scales mean quarrels in the presence of a judge. Balanced scales mean equitable judge's decision. Broken arrow of the sales heralds the demise of the judge. If you weigh accurately, it is righteous judgment. Inaccurately weigh - unjust sentence.