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Scourge - Meaning of Dream

Scourge which appeared in your dream, foretells a complicated relationship with your friends and relatives. It can become inflammable, and simple arguments will lead to a serious quarrel.

If you see yourself as a rider hitting a horse with a scourge, in real life you succeed because of own perseverance and will. If somebody hits you with a whip, the dream states some problems in personal relationships. The cause for that will be another contender for the heart of your beloved; and it will be a very serious opponent.

In Miller’s dream book if a whip is hung on the wall, surrounded by weapons, it bodes that you will have a conflict with a very strong man. If this dream is seen by a woman, she will finally have an intimate relationship with a man of her dreams.

If you felt pain because of a whip, the dream tells that your indecent act committed in the past deserves severe punishment. If you whip a horse, you'll prevail over your enemy, despite his considerable superiority in power, influence and wealth.

If you whip another animal, it tells that you want your affairs proceed faster. For this purpose you require impossible deeds of your colleagues and relatives. This behavior causes their dissatisfaction and may lead to unpleasant trials.

If you dreamed of a man perfectly wielding a scourge, in reality you will have a dangerous opponent.

For a woman, this dream is interpreted differently – it is evidence of stunning success with men.

If the scourge broke in your hands, this is a warning about many misunderstandings and troubles both at home and at work.