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Seal - Meaning of Dream


Seal is a favorable omen in a dream; it means that you have to meet with someone who will help to develop your business. If you dream that you see lots of seals, it means that you will receive help from a group of people, they will invest finances in your project, which will without doubt bring you a great income.

If you dream of a white seal, it is a sign of upcoming wedding, or a long and quite serene family life, as well as building a good relationship with parents of your partner.

If you kill a seal or see it already dead in your dream, such dream portends you worries, because of serious illness of a close relative.

If you see the dream, where a shark attacks a seal, it means that you are surrounded by envious people.

A dream, in which you saw seals, indicates that in real life you want to take on the heavy burden, which you are not able to manage. This may be connected with your position in society, occupation or anything else. Usually, these dreams are pushing people, dissatisfied with their fame and striving for honors, to work on improvement of their social status.

Very often a seal, seen in a dream, is a sign of a pleasant friendships or love relationships. Also, the dream with this animal could foreshadow positive changes in your life. However, for a more detailed interpretation it is worth paying attention to a significant number of nuances.

Dreaming about seals, for a person planning to change something in professional activities, means only positive outcome. Very often, such a dream signals about the meeting with a person who will help in all your endeavors.

Seal in a dream of a single girl may mean meeting with a girlfriend, who will help to get acquainted with her future husband, or just with the young man, with whom relations will last for a sufficiently long period of time.  

If you happened to see a significant number of these animals, it means that you will soon solve some life complexities will the help of other people.

For a pregnant woman, dreaming of a seal means that the delivery and child birth will take place without complications and severe pain. In addition, if one of the prospective parents sees a seal, it is likely that they will have a boy. An interesting addition is the interpretation of dream, in which a seal attacks a person. Most likely, the dreamer is surrounded by a large number of enemies. It is therefore necessary to be as discreet as possible. Especially negative meaning has this dream, if you are planning to close a deal. It is better to postpone some serious transaction and do not do any important business at this time.

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