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Shore - Meaning of Dream

Shore/coast/beach is a stronghold, a welcome place after shaky water. Therefore shore seen in a dream symbolizes the reliability and stability. While interpreting a dream in which you see a shore, it is necessary to pay attention to all the details.

If you dream that you swim fast towards the desired shore, it means that you are not satisfied with lack of stability in your real life. If in a dream you are trying to get out of the water over and over again but you are thrown by waves, it means in reality you can not understand the cause of your problems. This dream indicates your need of advice from a wise person.

If you see yourself in the waters of a pond but do not see the shore, in reality you should not rush to make important decisions. It is better to wait a little more. Under any circumstances, a dream in which you got to a shore is a favorable sign. This dream foretells that in real life, sooner or later you will achieve your goal. The consequence of this will be a prosperous life. For a person who is experiencing serious financial difficulties, this dream predicts a significant improvement of the affairs. For participants in the trial, this dream foretells the judgment in their favor.

If you see in a dream how a shore is moving away from you, you should be ready for soulful worries and life dissatisfaction.

Beach in a dream book by Miller has more interpretations. A dream, in which you disembark a ship and go ashore, symbolizes the end of a difficult period in your life. Soon you will be able to return to calm and settled life. If you have to leave a shore on a shaky ship, it means that a scheduled risky venture might end up very badly for you. If such a dream is seen by a woman, in the near future she should refuse to make new acquaintances.

Beach in a dream book of Vanga: if you hardly walk down to the water on the steep bank and then realize that you can’t back up, it means that in reality you have too heavy responsibilities. It is possible that the circumstances of your life are not very favorable. Most likely, you have to ask for a help from relatives.

A dream, in which you see a person on the other side beckoning you, indicates a sense of loneliness and nostalgia. A meeting on a shore is a sign of good news. Holidays at the seaside in a dream is seen if you feel very tired and exhausted. If you dream that a shore is moving away and disappears, it means that you do not think of the eternities. All your thoughts are about yourself, but your soul is seeking for the divine.

Shore in Freud's dream book is a symbol of psychological loneliness. If you saw a sea, river or lake bank, it means that sometimes you have the feeling that you are alone in the whole world and no one needs you. It is said that happiness - is when you are understood. Perhaps, this dream is a signal for you to finally find a soul mate.

To see a shore in a dream means that all goals, which you have planned, will be implemented in life.

If you see a high slope on a shore, such a dream prepares you to thoughts about your partners. If it is not high – you will not reach the desired results of your project.

To observe scarp on the shore, means that you need to be ready for surprises. If the shore is shelving, it will cause you happiness.

In a dream you walk along the shore – be careful you might meet a filthy person.

To swim and reach the closest shore without obstacles means that you will successfully finish all business meetings. It also means luck and happiness.

If you rest on a shore, it means that your life will go back on track, your affairs will be smooth and you will not encounter obstacles.

To see a shore of a lake means wellbeing and luck in your life which you have been dreaming of. The same meaning has a dream where you stand on a shore with your partner.

To stand on the shore and observe a ship floating away but you were not be able to embark it, this dream means that very soon you will be worried about something.

If you forded water from one shore to another – be ready that your most desired dreams will be fulfilled.