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Sin - Meaning of Dream

If a young married woman dreams that she commits a sin, it indicates that strife and all omissions in her family life occur only with her fault. Of course, in reality she shouldn’t be so complicated and she shouldn’t demand too much from her loved ones. And most importantly plead guilty opportunely.

If unmarried woman in a dream commits a sin, then she will not avoid conviction about levity and sexual promiscuity in the relationship with the male sex.

For young unmarried men and women, to see them confessing their sins promises a sincere expression of love, this is to be expected from their partners.

If believers dream about sin and take an active part in the fight with it, this dream means that soon someone will ask for their help; and possibly more than once. Such requests often include volunteer assistance or charitable support.

Sin is a violation of the moral and ethical norms, rules, and religious precepts, which are established in society. All people can commit a sin, but not everyone can confess. To dream of sin is the warning about gossip, evil deeds and bad intentions on the part of the environment in relation to a dreamer.

If a person dreams that he/she is committing a huge sin, it portends that in real life he/she will commit a terrible act, after which his/her conscience will torment a lot. To see how other people commit sins is a warning. You should be very careful in action, otherwise with the fault of other people you can get involved in a rather confusing situation, from which it will be difficult to get out.

If you’ve been atoned for small sins in a dream, it means to commit sinful acts in real life.

Dreaming about absolution foretells that in reality you have to listen to pretty nasty comments about your behavior and attitude towards other people. Also such a dream advises to think through every word before you say it, and every act before it’s done.