All you need to know about your night dreams.

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Spell - Meaning of Dream

In the modern dream book, the spell symbolizes thirst for power and control over people. If you whisper some spells, but you don’t know what it was, this dream portends some tests, which you fear.

In reality you definitely need to summon all strength, so that the upcoming events don’t catch you flatfooted. If you pronounce the spell out loud, it foreshadows the quarrels with your loved one and close people.

According to Miller, the spells in a dream foretell the disease of unknown nature. The salvation will be a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you keep to your diet - there is a risk of catching the infectious disease.

If you hear the magical spell, like in a fairy tale, you will have a fascinating communication with a wise man, which will open the veil of many secrets and teach you some magical practices. You will only need to listen to it carefully and make personal use of many effective workshops and simply useful information.

According to Vanga the spell put by a magician or a sorcerer is a sign that you need a guardian. Your affairs are not quite smooth now, because friends want to sue a big part of your business. To avoid bad influence, listen to the advice of fortune-tellers and buy a talisman. Snake charmer in a dream symbolizes wisdom. In reality you will have an event that will teach you how to be rational and patient.

Freud stated that a spell put by a close person indicates his/her insincerity. Someone wants to persuade you to sexual contact without any obligations and guarantees.

If you read a magic spell in a dream, you will meet the person who will provide you not only with best feelings, but also will significantly improve your well-being.