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Staircase - Meaning of Dream

A dreaming of staircase is most often a sign of moving forward. If you dream of the stairs, it could be a sign of imminent promotion and successful career.

If you see that you quickly go down the stairs, it is a bad omen. It signals of the fact that you will be shamefully fired or pulled down. Also going down the stairs could promise upcoming failure and trouble.

For a woman, a dreaming about a staircase, symbolizes good luck and quick success in career and other matters. If the woman climbs up the stairs, it forebodes that she will have a great happiness and prosperity in life.

But a broken staircase is a bad sign. It may mean that you can’t achieve your goals and your expectations fall short.

If in a dream you escape the prison with a help of a ladder, it tells that in life you will go through the ordeal and will succeed. Besides all of this, if you dreamed of a ladder, it bodes that you may be deceived by a close friend.

Falling down the stairs portends failures or even health problems. The stairs with broken rungs portend the acquisition of new enemies that can interfere with your life.

The staircase in a dream represents your life. If you go up the stairs, it tells that you should spend more time with your friends and family. Perhaps you were carried away with household chores and forgot about friends and your soul mate; you should give them more care.

If a dreamer sees a representative of the opposite sex on the top of the staircase, it reflects the desire to become better acquainted with this person, but the intentions will be disturbed by some circumstances.

Spiral staircase in a dream may state that you have some important business, and you are worried too much about its implementation. Probably, you need to distract yourself and relax a bit.