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Stealing - Meaning of Dream

If you steal different things in a dream, it means safety and success in the developing affair.

To be caught in stealing means that somebody will distract you in your undertaking, and also it means a change in something you like.

If you steal a dress, money or eatables, it indicates the lack of these things in real life. Losing these items through theft - portends your death or someone of your close relatives or good friends death.

If you dream that you stole something and you are haunted – be ready for failure in business, and your relationships with others might deteriorate.

In a dream you are chasing a thief or catch him - in reality you will cope with your enemies.

If you dream that you are haunted by the robbers, in reality you will have complications in relations with your opponents. Be especially careful in dealing with strangers.

If you dream that your house was robbed, soon you'll need all your courage and firmness in defending own believes.

Stealing in a dream and being chased threatens with failures in relationships, both personal and business. If you catch someone who was trying to steal, then you should defeat the enemy and cope with upcoming challenges. If the thieves managed to steal something from your home or workplace, be the most courageous, be strong and confident in defending own interests. For careless people this dream promises trouble.