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Sting - Meaning of Dream

Having been stung by some insect in your dream is an unfavorable omen for you.

It foretokens misery and grief that can break into your life rather soon. If you feel that there is at least a slight chance for you to improve everything, don’t hesitate – go ahead! Sometimes, we have to grasp at a straw.

Also, if an insect stung you in your dream, it denotes that somebody will make you worry a lot. Don’t hit a panic button because you will have to pay with your health sooner or later.

An ant’s sting foreshadows groundless irritation. You pay too much attention to trifles and worry about them. To be so nervous is dangerous for your health. With such an attitude you won’t be successful at work and your family life will be unhappy too. Sometimes to let things run themselves is the best decision.

If you are stung by a tarantula in your dream, it implies that you should be aware of running into troubles. You may think that they are not a big deal but you are wrong. Your ill-wishers may foment even the most insignificant failures. Beware of slippery people and don’t trust fully anybody at your work.

If a flea has stung you in a dream, it is a warning that there is your evil-wisher around. He/she doesn’t just envy you silently, but distributes his/her poison everywhere. This person has already begun making up a plan how to destroy you. Be very attentive not only towards your new acquaintances but also towards the people you know for quite a long period of time. You may think that they cannot constitute a menace for you. Later you may regret about your imprudence though.