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Stoat - Meaning of Dream

Stoat in a dream is a symbol of trickery and friendship.

Stoat is a small very beautiful animal, but predatory. Hence the interpretation of a dream indicates at responsive and friendly person in your surroundings. But you shouldn’t believe him/her, especially if you are friends for a short period of time.

If you dreamed of a white stoat, you should pay attention to pets and check their health. Dream tells about illness and even death of your four-legged friend.

This animal in your dream hints you that in important work you need to cheat a little. In business you better use unusual tactics; in the family become a good and appeasable fox, soft animal that will reach own goals not with the help of scandals and aggression, but with kindness, care, and empathy.

If you dreamed of a stoat with aggressive behavior, it signifies that adult almost old woman is aggressive to you. So you should be patient, do not respond to the provocation of anger. Otherwise, the conflict will last for many years, it is better to decrease the level of anger.

An animal that licks you or takes food from your hand is a symbol of a kind and caring friend. He/she probably needs some support, and gentle attitude. Such a person will not leave in distress; he/she will come to the rescue and pull you out from the abyss of poverty.

If you dream of someone dressed in a beautiful and expensive ermine, it is a sign that you will soon reach the highest title of honor thanks to your tireless efforts.

If, however, you are wearing ermine, it portends your elevation in society and wealth, happy family life.