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Stork - Meaning of Dream


Stork is a symbol of new life, happiness and a happy marriage.

If a woman dreams of a stork, at first she should think of a possible pregnancy, even if before she didn’t have any forecasts on this subject.

If a stork is dreamed by a man, it is a signal that it is time to think about fatherhood. If a man is not married, the stork in the dream alludes to a quick wedding.

If you dream of a stork making its nest on the roof of your house it portends family rest and peace.

If you see a stork holding its baby in a beak, be ready for news about the newborn.

This is not necessarily an addition to your family, although this is possible, you can also find out that your friend will soon go to the maternity hospital.

If you dream of a couple of storks, it is a sign of great success in business and much happiness in love.

If the stork is surrounded by black birds, it means that there are a lot of detractors hidden among your friends.

If you dream of a stork in the sky, it is a sign of a meeting with a generous and decent man.

To dream of a stork attacked by other birds, it means that you are judged by your surroundings, the people of which do not make any good impression.

To dream of a stork, which kills a snake, it means that soon you will gain the victory over your foes. Also this dream can be a sign that you have friends who are ready to help.

If you see a stork, which is hurt by someone, it could portend a minor threat to your happiness.

In the dream you take care for the wounded stork, it is a sign that one of your family members or relatives will soon ask you for help.

Almost always a stork treats you good in the dream. If he attacked you in a dream, it is a signal of an impending disaster. Sometimes the stork in a dream can mean getting a long-awaited gift. If the stork flies away from you, it's a bad sign. You will be separated from a loved one.

When you see a few storks in your dream, it is a symbol that peace will be established in whole world, and relations between the rulers will be improved, all people will live in calmness in heart and confidence for the future.

Also the dream book by Vanga describes the dream if you see a flying stork it means that you will have a big profit in the near future. This may be an inheritance from relatives whom you never hear of; or just winning the lottery. If you watch a stork with somebody else, it means that you will have to share the acquired money; otherwise big money will harm you a lot.

If you feed a stork, it means that you will solve the problem which has bothered you for a long time. This is a good sign that will help to get rid of all difficulties and eliminate the barriers.

If a person in a dream feeds small cub storks, it means that your own children require your help as fast as possible.

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