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Stuff - Meaning of Dream

Stuff in the dream interpretation book has a lot of meanings.

To buy different stuff means obstacles in affairs; to pledge stuff - news.

To see a bunch of stuff in a dream – is a warning: soon you will have to be responsible for the failure of own promises or commitments. Big pile or dump of dirty things is a harbinger of a showdown with a spouse.

Vintage things refer to the human past and have increased (museum) value (rarity). It can emphasize the type of influence (in the future reality) coming from the family, or spiritual connection (heirloom). Old things in a dream also mean unnecessary objects, irrelevant, useless, outdated (like trash) or unacceptable in society and thereby causing condemnation and ridicule.

Roadstuff (suitcase, bag ...) is a matter of burden, baggage or cargo. Such things underline our abnormalities, difficulties, mainly negative accumulation in life that we can’t throw away and are forced to carry, drag along the way.

Large luggage (bag, backpack ...) is a symbol of a road, trips ("the baggage of new experiences"). This is a load of negative emotions, anxiety in the future.

Smaller things (mesh bag) for women mean economic concerns, troubles. Such small accessories like a wallet, purse, handbag, and comb emphasize the more intimate side of human existence - love relationships, communication, hopes and aspirations.