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Sunrise - Meaning of Dream

Sunrise heralds the beginning of an extremely favorable period in life span. Now you stand at the very first step that leads to success. You will not believe, but you'll have the chance to climb as high as you wish. Try to be bold and do not be afraid to set even the most fantastic plans, you will easily carry them out. Especially successful will be plans relating to your personal life. If you have a desire to become a famous mountaineer and climb Everest - no doubt, you will find yourself at its peak, moreover the ascent will not make you tired or take a lot of effort.

If you see the rise on Wednesday night, then you’ll have the decisive moment - you are mentally and physically prepared for life changes.

Dreaming that you see sunrise in the company of good friends foretells minor skirmishes and quarrels with people of your entourage. You shouldn’t be sad, conflicts will be resolved soon just by themselves.

The same dream Thursday night promises the emergence of lucrative offers from business partners; on Sunday night - a fun party where you can rest and ignore all the problems and troubles.

Sunrise in the dream book by Miller is a good sign, symbolizing the change for the better, realization of plans and change of outlook. If you saw a sunrise from the window of your house, then you should be ready for changes, for example, buying or moving furniture. Moreover, you can throw rubbish or completely refresh the wardrobe.

Rise observed in nature tells to get ready for constructive and more significant changes. You have all chances to find the solution to a problem that had bothered you for months. The decision is very close, make an effort and you’ll be free of trouble forever. Dreamed that the sun appeared from behind the clouds - it's a bad dream, predicting that now is not the right time for a change, wait a moment, muster your strength and then spoil for the fight.