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Surprise - Meaning of Dream


If there was a surprise in your dream, you shouldn’t be anxious about such a sign. Whether it is a pleasant or unpleasant surprise, there’s nothing to worry about.

Dreaming that you are pleasantly surprised, means that at this stage you don’t want or dare to admit your real feelings or attitude about something or somebody. Although, you are ready to face them. Maybe the reason is that you perceive them as an ideal image in your imagination. You do not have such a person/thing in your life but you long for it. That’s why your brain makes them up, assigning the features you want to them.

Get out of this fantasy shell and face the reality finally. To err is human. Don’t be afraid to lose your friend or acquaintance. Really you lose nothing, if they are false. Don’t waste your precious time on them. Eventually, they will suffer from losing YOU. Instead you’ll get invaluable experience and the ability to appreciate true friendship. When it comes, you’ll surely recognize it!

On the other hand, think about some events or people you have an established opinion about (maybe you don’t consider them as good people or useful events) and try to look at them otherwise. Probably, you’ll realize that unfortunate events brought great experience to you; unpleasant people will appear to be better than you think of them and you’ll find a lot of common with them. Perhaps, it is the beginning of new friendship. Maybe they will be your “pleasant surprise”.

A dream about an unpleasant surprise implies that you have a fear toward unknown and unexpected. Don’t be upset! It’s alright. Everybody is afraid of unknown and unexpected. Look at this from another angle - consider such a dream as a notification for the future. The notification that you’ll have to face with something you’re unfamiliar with very soon. You’re lucky because you’re warned now. Settle yourself down reminding that cherry pies occur very seldom, you always have to fight for the best stuff by yourself! For gaining the most cherished dreams you’ll have to kill your fear toward unknown and unexpected. Furthermore, the devil is not as black as it is painted. Think how proud you’ll be of yourself, when you gain an unattainable ideal!

Paying attention to your dreams and then decoding them can give you a full picture of your nearest future. Sometimes they warn you about the diseases, losses, troubles. Try to remember as many details from your dream as you can to interpret them in the most accurate way!

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