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Tank / Cistern - Meaning of Dream

Tank in a dream means fortunate future, and you don’t need to worry anymore. You will reach success and fulfill all your dreams.

If you take something out of a tank, it means that in real life you will have an enjoyable adventure. But your behavior will be considered as amoral and condemnatory.

If you see an empty tank, it is a sign of unexpected change of situation from good to bad. If you see a full tank, it means an acquaintance with a person from your past, who will make you happy with good news. The tank with unknown contain tells you about secret conspiracy against you.

To see a tank leaking means that all your plans will collapse, that is why you don’t need to cherish hopes for positive arrangement of your affairs.

If you see a garbage bucket – you are overtaken by fears, offences and hatred. Don’t concentrate on it, and then dull period of your life will pass faster.

If you pour dirty water in a tank, it means that you are not satisfied with family life and sexual partner. If a tank was perfectly cleaned, it means that you hate your partner.

If you stay inside of a tank and take your belongings out, it is a sign of shame and disgrace.

If you see one undefined object in a tank, it is a sign of an adventurous game. You have to be careful and avoid different intrigues.