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Throat - Meaning of Dream

Taken by the throat and inability to swallow probably symbolizes the situation in reality, which a dreamer refuses to accept, or resentment, which he/she can’t or does not want to "swallow". This dream can also mean a situation in which a dreamer can’t be truthful; inability to openly express own opinion.

If you dream that you have a sore throat, this dream may warn you about a possible disagreement with a friend. It can be either banal small misunderstandings, or a shouting in which participants will "yawp".

Another meaning of this dream is your envy because of success of friends and relatives. Swollen throat in a dream foretells fortune and luck. Healthy throat is an auspicious sign, presaging a period of prosperity and success. Bandaged throat is a desire to protect yourself from gossip, from accusations and empty chatter.

If you dream that you have a sore throat and you lost your voice, this dream symbolizes a bad situation at work or in the family, in which a dreamer turned to be a disenfranchised victim. Despotic spouse or tyrant-chief will not allow a person to have own opinion, and the situation is hopeless or difficult to correct.

If you dream that your throat is cut, but you still remain alive, this dream is extremely positive. It means that you have immunity to adversity and enemies, and your affairs will be very fruitful, and success will accompany you in all endeavors.

However, if you see that your throat is cut by your husband (wife), this dream foretells infidelity in marriage which will be extremely difficult to survive.

If you cut a throat of your wife (husband), the meaning is the same, but this time you will betray.

In general meaning, dreamer’s attempts to cut someone's throat mean extreme dislike of a dreamer towards this person and the desire to harm him/her.

If you dream that a bone stuck in the throat, this dream symbolizes a situation or a person whom you have to tolerate due to some reasons. Another object which stuck in the throat requires a separate interpretation. For example, if a dreamer was trying to swallow a rock, but it stuck in a throat, it symbolizes the difficulties in the study of science. If food stuck in the throat, this dream can indicate faults in the digestive system, diseases of the esophagus or stomach.

If a dreamer sees own cat with cut or torn throat, it indicates secret enemies which try to damage property and business.

If you see a dog with his throat cut, but alive, this dream symbolizes a friend to whom a dreamer intentionally or unintentionally caused great property harm.

Goose throat tells about idle talks and tedious visits of rowdy guests. To burn throat while eating represents the fear to express own opinion.

Dreams about throat can have many interpretations. Throat is an important part of the body, allowing swallowing food, speaking, and breathing. Dreams about throat are important in almost all cases when they are not related to physical or chronic illness.