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Thunder - Meaning of Dream

To dream of thunder could mean a manifestation of repressed emotions: anger or rage. Or it could be "a warning voice of the Gods" and frightening news, presages bad times, differences, conflicts, changes in life, rather unpleasant.

To see a lightning and hear loud thunder signals of risk and danger which you can’t handle alone, but your friends or family can help you.

To hear thunder without lightning is a good sign, threatening problems can be managed. To see a distant lightning and muffled thunder (especially if it decreases) - danger will pass, and enemies can be defeated, good luck.

Thunder in full silence symbolizes the clash, which could have been avoided. Silent lightning portends serious fight, superior enemy or disease. To get struck by lightning bodes losses and serious illnesses.

In general, thunder heralds changes and troubles, from bosses or other "higher" powers, sudden bad news. The more anxious feeling thunder caused to you - the more serious the imminent danger is.

You also need to beware of treachery. Perhaps you will be disappointed.

Thunder in a dream is a truly terrible harbinger. However, we may see prophetic dreams, in order to get ready to threating trouble. Anger of management, bad news, illness - these are the events that you should prepare for.