All you need to know about your night dreams.

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Token - Meaning of Dream

If you paid attention to a token in a dream, try to remember what exactly it was meant for. So, phone token predicts that in the near future you will trust some dubious rascal. Try to limit the contacts with strangers, and under any circumstances do not give them your contact information, because the effects of such communication can be dire. Not excluded that you will become a victim of cheat and major fraud.

A token for metro heralds a whole series of troubles and failures. Soon, hard times will begin in your life and financial difficulties and problems will accompany your affairs.

But in general, a token in a dream is some kind of a "pass" into an interesting company or a certain social stratum. Most likely, in real life you will turn yourself inside out in order to achieve success and earn respect of wealthy people, but, unfortunately you will meet serious resistance on your way.

Even if in a dream you managed to become the proud owner of the token, do not rush to celebrate and rejoice – even if you become an equal member of desired group, you will not gain the long-awaited satisfaction and happiness.

If you lowered a token into the phone, according to Miller, you will devote own secrets to a stranger. What motivates you to such nonsense - is unknown, but in response to your honesty, this two-faced person will dissolve dirty gossip about you.

If you bought a phones token, you will plunge into the whirlpool of entertainment and pleasure, which will certainly cause pleasant memories.

If after lowering a token you unsuccessfully tried to connect to the subscriber, this is a bad dream, predicting a lonely life. If you made an attempt to get into the subway without a token, it is a warning: very soon you will have to go through an extremely difficult period of life. This may be related to conflicts, quarrels, scandals, unforeseen expenses, and possibly even litigation.