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Tree - Meaning of Dream

Lonely tree in modern dream book symbolizes the loneliness and the desire to find congenial soul. If a tree is old and dry, it signifies that when a dreamer becomes old he/she will face loneliness, illness and poverty. Young tree with evolved foliage hints you to reconsider personal life. A tree covered with flowers foretells joy and success.

If you dream of fruits on the tree, it predicts a significant monetary profit.

Dense forest is seen by those who have to communicate a lot, and they are tired of that a lot. A person only dream of rest and solitude in real life. If you get lost in the woods and look for the road, it signifies the fact that you do not have people who can help you with a difficult task.

If you saw that a tree fell down, it is an unfavorable dream. This is a prediction of possible death. If a dreamer wants to cut down a tree, then his/her ill-considered behavior will cause the death of someone of close surroundings.

A green tree in Millers dream book predicts the fulfillment of hopes. If you look at such a tree with a sense of pleasure, it bodes that in the future you will succeed in any sphere, and it will bring you fame.

Dead trees are the sign of discouragement, accompanied by sadness and longing.

If you climb the tree higher and higher, this reflects your ability to make a career, climbing high the career ladder. If you pluck a tree from the ground, it is an unfavorable dream. It signals of your extravagance, which will inevitably lead to financial problems. The fallen leaves from the trees are the sign of loss.

Vanga said that it is a favorable dream as if you plant a young tree. It predicts the appearance of new members in your family or good news from the children. A huge tree is seen in a dream before the acquaintance with the powerful man who will provide you with his patronage.

If you gather the fruit from the tree, it predicts a significant profit or even richness. Dry and broken tree is a sign of severe disease. Cut trees indicate your disparaging attitude to nature, after such a dream it is necessary to reconsider own attitude towards the world.

If you dream of sitting in the shade of the trees, it signifies that you hide own feelings, even from those who are too close for you. This prevents normal relations with the people around you. This dream says that you need to trust more to your friends.

Freud said that if you plant, water and take care for a tree in a dream, it indicates your desire to have a new partner. If a man sits under a tree, it tells that he has inclination to homosexual relations.