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Trophy - Meaning of Dream

Modern dream book interprets a trophy that you brought home as a great success in all spheres of life. This will not only be your merit, but also some of your loyal companions will assist you with that. If a trophy does not belong to you, it signifies that you have missed your chance, which your opponent will immediately notice and take advantage of it.

If your own trophy was stolen, it bodes that someone infringes on your real estate. If you had such a dream at night on Wednesday or Friday, it has especially bad interpretation. In this case, the threat is hanging not over your property but over your life. It is possible that yours and your family life is in danger.

For a woman an unfavorable sign is to share own loot with someone else, or even to give it all. This is a warning about the dangers that wait for her in places without many people. First of all this danger comes from those who want to get acquainted with a dreamer. Sometimes the dream predicts that someone will surpass a dreamer in many ways.

In Miller’s dream book any trophy is usually a symbol of good luck and victory over rivals or foes. It does not matter what kind of object is seen. If you hold your prey, it bodes that you will have a lot of pleasant impressions with the help of your good friends. If a woman, for whatever reason, gave her prey away, she risks agreeing on controversial proposals.