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Trousers - Meaning of Dream

Trousers may actually predict the fact that with the help of a trick you will be forced to participate in some kind of adventure.

If you wore trousers, it means that you know your real price and have full confidence in own abilities.

If you lost trousers in a dream, it means that surrounding will discuss your behavior and make jokes of you.

Torn trousers promise disgrace and shame; bright or wide pants are a sign of joy.

If you helped someone to put pants on, it is a sign of welfare. For women such a dream portends benefits.

If you dream of jeans, you will get into a tangled situation.

If you happened to buy pants in a dream, it means that you have to be ready for the problems and hardships.

The meaning of trousers in a dream book by Miller is interpreted depending on the quality of the material.

Therefore sturdy pants portend good luck; unfashionable - warn that your conservatism will prevent you from recognizing innovative ideas that will have a negative impact on your career.

If you saw people in white pants, then you will experience drastic changes in life, alas, for the worse.

If you have a walk with a person in white trousers, this dream foretells illness. Pants of yellow color promise participation in exciting adventures and success in financial matters. Blue trousers promise that all your plans will be implemented thanks to the friendly support and your enterprise.

Dreaming of red trousers means that you will forever get rid of evil enemies and detractors. Green pants predicting happiness and prosperity.

Torn and dirty pants always are the sign of deception. Be careful, do not open your soul to strangers or unfamiliar people.

Clean and neatly ironed trousers predict prosperity and peaceful family life.

If you dream of yourself without trousers - beware of rumors and gossip. Pants which fit you bad symbolize the end of a relationship.

If you are wearing trousers inside out, it is a warning that somebody, in a mask of friend, will backstab you.

If you sell or buy trousers in a dream, in real life you will ignore morality for the sake of own profit, and then will regret about it.

In a dream your trousers have holes, it means that in real life you will have an awkward situation. If you try to patch the hole, you will have big expenses.

A dream, in which you are wearing bright and wide trousers, means that you will have something pleasant.

For a man, to iron trousers means to have a romantic date very soon. For a woman, to iron trousers of her man is a sign of fight with a close person; if she irons trousers of a stranger she will have a new acquaintance.