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TV set - Meaning of Dream

TV set

TV set, is a symbol of time lost, meaninglessness, gossip and slander. TV is one of the most modern characters that appear in dreams.

It is important in this respect, what TV show you see or whether it is switched on in general. Often with the help of such a character subconscious gives us a sign.

If you see a TV in a disassembled state, it means that you torment yourself for something, and feel guilty. If you collect all parts of TV in order to make it work, or you break it even more than it was before, it indicates the search stage of own guilt, which you have already reached.

If you dream that you observe a recently bought TV, then you will soon find a solution to your problems, or you will come up with a brilliant idea. The most important thing in this case is not to lose own head.

If a TV is switched on, but you don’t see the picture, it means that you waste time. Think about changing your lifestyle. If you see the picture, a lot depends on what is shown. If you watch the news, it is slander and gossips against you. If you watch TV advertisement, it is a sign that lately you have very little time to devote to family and friends, and you’ve been working too hard, it's time to prioritize other values.

If you watch a feature film on TV, it is a good sign. The film can tell a lot about the attitude of people towards you.

If it is a romantic movie, then someone is experiencing a lot of sympathy for you. If you watch action, it means that recently you behaved too aggressively and not rational. If comedy, it means that it's time to reflect on own behavior, relax, maybe change the environment.

If you dream that your TV explodes, be very careful in the near future. Someone has prepared a serious slander or gossip for you. As a result of its distribution your personal life and career may be affected.

If see a TV most likely you used to live for the day. You are interested only in present. Be careful, the fate doesn’t forgive frivolity. It's time to grow up and think about your future.

Color TV heralds a pleasant meeting with friends, which will leave a memorable impression. Perhaps you will be invited to a party or birthday celebration. Do not refuse the invitation.

Broken TV promises you the meeting with an extraordinary and very interesting person, who will later become your best friend.

If you see TV, which is making very loud sounds, it predicts gossip about you. Try not to be frank with strangers in order to save own reputation.

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