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Twine - Meaning of Dream

To be tied with a twine in a dream is a symbol of love adventure, which will cause you losing common sense.

If you tie something or somebody with a twine – in real life the circumstances will force you to dodge and boggle. Anyways, you need to find the way out of the situation with dignity, because your close people will observe it and will never forgive your weakness.

If you make knots on a twine, it means that your self-sufficiency and confidence will help you to get rid of unnecessary encumbrance.

According to the dream interpreter a twine symbolizes almost insurmountable obstacles, hence you need persistence and patience.

To see a twine on a neck is a sign that you are tired of occupation which is boring for you.

If you use twine to put concrete, it symbolizes confidence in own strength and all doings. Also it warns that a dreamer needs to earn a great reputation. In general, mixing concrete before using it, means that you will be exhausted and suffer losses. If you see a concrete mixer on a construction site, it is a sign of many deals and troubles, which you will manage with ease and satisfaction.

To see a building process and many builders using twine and mixing concrete means that you will be trapped in unpleasant situation and will hardly find the way out.