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Uncle - Meaning of Dream

If you had a dream about your uncle, it is not a good sign presaging bad news. The dying or terminally ill uncle predicts the occurrence of quarrels and conflicts in the family, and various diseases.

A serious talk with your uncle warns: you have to spend a lot of mental strength in order to achieve material prosperity.

Weary and sad uncle is seen as a harbinger of the problems and troubles in the family. Be patient and understanding, do not get angry; try to find a compromise during conversations with loved ones, or else the matters might end up in tragedy.

In your dream the uncle was dead or dying, it tells to be careful: a lot of weaselly people have entered your environment and want to achieve success and well-being at your expense. If you had a dispute or a scandal with an uncle, most likely your marriage will came to an end. It is disappointing news, but unfortunately, nothing can be changed.

Miller had almost the same interpretation to the dreams about an uncle. Own uncle foretells trouble and bad news. Exhausted and tired uncle predicts a conflict between the people in your surrounding.

A dreaming about a deceased uncle predicts that your enemies are much stronger than you, so try to avoid a collision.

If your uncle swore loudly and you were screaming at each other, in reality the relationships in your family can hardly be called good. Another interpretation of this dream - you might face serious illness.

In your dream your uncle quarreled with your family, it indicates that in reality you have quit on your loved ones and now you repent of your deeds.

A dreaming as if the uncle gave you a large sum of money tells that apparently you are unhappy with your life and you started spending more time outside the home. This dream warns: stop chasing pleasures, calm down; otherwise your adventures will have a negative impact on your environment.

If you saw your uncle fighting with someone, it portends worries and excitement. Do not get angry and do not work off your bad mood on people around, it will not help you unleash a tight tangle of problems, take a hold on yourself and soon life will improve.