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Universe - Meaning of Dream

Universe in a dream is evidence that in the future you will experience a slight disappointment due to the fact that some hopes were not realized. The affair, which you wanted to complete successfully in the near future, will be more complicated than it seemed at first glance, and therefore you have to postpone its conclusion for an indefinite period of time. Moreover, forget about expected profit from it. However, a period of stagnation that will last for some time in your life will be the perfect excuse to analyze past mistakes and gain strength for a new beginning in the future.

If in your dream you went on a journey through the universe, and just enjoyed the contemplation of the infinity of the world, it indicates that in reality you constantly deviate from your path to the goal and perform actions that are not worth of spent time or energy. You should finally decide what you want to achieve, plan further actions and, if possible not to deviate from it, otherwise you risk spending time for useless things, and not to achieve something that really matters.

Dreaming, as if during the journey across the expanses of the universe you met aliens, is evidence that in real life when making decisions you attach too much importance to the opinions of others. It is impossible to please everyone at once, so you need to believe in yourself and learn to distinguish constructive criticism from non-constructive. Dreams about the universe, seen the night before the church fasting, have a special meaning - they warn that you take the excessive burden and try to explain something that defies logic. Such commitment will bring nothing but fatigue and frustration, so you'd better take a sober view of things.

To dream of the universe is a sign that you should not hope for a speedy conclusion of the case or some quick solution of your questions.