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Valenki (Russian boots) - Meaning of Dream

If you dream that you are wearing valenki, it means that in reality you can be differentiated by sanity and you never listen to public opinion.

In the dream you are wearing valenki with holes or patched, in real life be ready for large profit. Luck will be your faithful follower for a long time.

For a young woman, a dream where she buys valenki promises her loving and attentive husband.

Modern dream interpretation says that valenki in a dream foretell acquaintance of a cozy house, and luck in affairs.

Valenki in the dream is a sign of a quarrel with a close friend on your fault. Fortunately, the quarrel will be without unpleasant consequences.

If you dream that you put on valenki, your dream means a quick entertaining walk. You will meet new people, which later will be very useful. Enjoy life and don’t worry.

To put valenki on the shelf means that you want to "hide" from important and difficult problem. Don’t do that. You will only postpone the decision, and the problem will not go away, it will be added to another and so on.

In a dream you present boots, it means that for some reason you can’t bring all your desires to life. Try to relax, then you can understand the essence of the matter. It is possible that you limit yourself to what is vital.