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Vanilla - Meaning of Dream

If you dream that you bake something in the kitchen and feel the wonderful smell of vanilla, which you sniff with delight, it means that you will be invited to a birthday party.

Tasty bun with vanilla flavor that you are eating with pleasure in a dream, indicates that you do not have enough love and attention from the closest people. If a woman in a dream is engaged in baking confectionery and adds vanilla, it demonstrates her wonderful ability to create comfort at home.

A dream, in which you try a taste of vanilla, shows that in your life you follow the main rule – to get as much immediate pleasures as possible. This dream warns you that if you do not change your priorities, you may overlook something very important. And sometimes it's not a warning, but a statement.

You walk past a bakery or pastry shop, from where you feel a familiar scent of vanilla. Such a plot of your dreams predict you immense longing for past times, when you lived in the parental home or visited your grandparents.

You wanted to use vanilla and open the bag with it but accidentally it spilled out and you could not use it. Such a dream foretells that your long-awaited vacation will be interrupted by unforeseen circumstances, and it will end prematurely.

If somebody treated you with delicious biscuits, but you realized that it is impossible to eat them because they taste bitter with excessive vanillin inside. Millers’ dream book interprets such a dream as a meeting with a friendly and generous person; nevertheless, will not respect him/her believing that he/she is too wasteful.

If you dreamed that your child sniffed vanillin and started sneezing, it indicates that you are not good enough to manage your parental responsibilities. Often your child is left alone, and it is possible that this will lead to serious injuries.

If you receive an inheritance from your grandmother - a box of spices, where the main component is vanilla, such a dream has a very favorable interpretation, predicting a sweet and carefree life.