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Veil - Meaning of Dream

Wearing a hat with a veil indicates your insincerity with your lover, who soon might realize it. It will involve your frustration and trouble.

If you drop a veil in front of many people, it means that all your secrets are long time exposed. Dreaming of women’s faces covered with veils is a signal that you might be slandered in front of your beloved one.

If you are wearing an old veil - you should be wary of false and treacherous friends.

Wedding veil in a dream foretells great changes for better, and happiness.

A wedding veil on your face means that soon you will be engaged in some venture that will provide you not only with steady income, but also with fun.

If you are wearing a dirty or torn veil - you should be ready for disappointments and frustrations because of a loved one.

If you dramatically drop the veil back - soon you will have to break up with a man who was preparing to become your partner in life.

Mourning veil on your hat portends you profound suffering, after surviving which, you will become a different person.

The image of veil in a dream may represent a desire to hide something from someone; fear because of other people hiding something; and suffering over the guilt for real or imagined failures.

Veil can also testify about the ambivalent feelings of a person: his desire to be noticed after some time later.

If a close person removes the veil and there is another person or other being, it means that you have conscious beliefs that do not match reality.

Very rarely you can see a sage hiding under a veil, in this case, this image indicates that a dreamer is mistaken in life and does not follow own fate.