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Venus - Meaning of Dream

If the goddess of love Venus appeared in your dream, it foretells you global changes in personal life. An acquaintance with a new person will quickly grow into a passionate and long-lasting relationship. You will experience a firework of feelings and emotions that may even scare you a bit. You should not be afraid, the dream forebodes that your relationship will almost certainly end in marriage. But just remember: the bird of happiness is not easy to catch, and it will not come in your hands without efforts. You’ll have to spend lots of energy in order to keep the love and trust.

If you dreamed of a nice conversation with Venus, most likely it reflects your tendency to idealize reality. You can’t find any means to solve the problem, because you just do not see its real reason. Your trusted friends will help you a good advice, so do not neglect their support and participation. And do not forget that you have to be very careful and do not make tentative steps that could harm your reputation.

The Statue of Venus predicts radical reassessment of life values​​ after which your affairs will change for better.

Venus seen in a dream portends enjoyment and sensual pleasures in all forms. For a man this dream foretells tireless seeking for an ideal woman. For ladies it is a sign of sexual frustration. In general, if you dreamed of the goddess of love Venus, it is a good reason to think that life gives you many opportunities. Everyone has lots of internal energy and resources, you just need to know how to rationally use it and enjoy life.

If you see the goddess of love Venus in a dream – your personal life will change and it will not remain without consequences for you and somebody else. Perhaps, you will meet a woman with whom you will be ready to stay for the rest of your life. But in order to gain favor of that person, and moreover, to make her to be your wife, you will have to undergo a long fight for her attention.