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Vessel - Meaning of Dream

A vessel in your dreams can be both favorable and unfavorable sign. Let’s have a look in what particular cases it is so.

A vessel image in a dream signifies that you can be disappointed with somebody or something very soon. Maybe, a person you pinned great hopes on won’t justify your expectations. It can be anybody – your friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, relative, colleague, etc. Be very careful. Your personal opinion, reaction and attitude to this uncomfortable situation can be critical and decisive to your relations. Before starting to moralize on it, ask yourself whether you want to save your relations with this person; whether this failure is deliberate or not. If it is unintentional, you can discuss it and define a reason for a mistake not to make it in future. Remember that to err is human. If not, it looks like a person wants to end the relationships with you. Then, it is your decision whether to turn a blind eye to it or not.

If you have been filling a vessel with some substance, it implies that you will be successful in all your beginnings. If you want to enter a university/college, you will pass the examinations; if you crave for starting a family, you will be supported in it; if you want to become employed, soon you will be called and invited to an interview; if you intend to start your own business, venture to do it. You will be very satisfied with the fruits of your work.

Washing a vessel in a dream signifies that you can be accused of something unfairly. It can be that you will suffer some losses (either material or emotional, or both).Probably, it will be done by your evil-wishers. If you are really not guilty, do everything to prove it to others. Save your face! This scandal can cost you reputation and welfare. It will take significant time to recover. Don’t get stuck on the people who let you down – you will just waste your time. Focus on restoring processes. Also, you should beware of dubious situations, especially when someone does his/her best to involve you into it. Apparently, this person pursues his/her selfish aims.

A dream in which you have picked up some vessel on the road means that soon you can meet an uninteresting and boring person who will stick like a limpet. Unfortunately, you’ll have to spend some time keeping in touch with him/her. There can be different reasons for it.

If in your dream you have put a vessel to your ear and have been trying to hear some sounds (like with a sea shell), it characterizes you as a spineless person who doesn’t have his/her own point of view in different situations. For you it is better to have someone who takes all the decisions for you. Definitely, it is your flaw. To listen to somebody’s opinion and follow it are totally different things.