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Volleyball - Meaning of Dream

Volleyball in a dream is a reflection of vigorous activity in real life. It can be directed both for the benefit of others and also against their will. If you are playing volleyball with a friend or loved one, it will be hard for you to achieve something together. If you are exercising alone with a ball, you might encounter the hostility of others, who are unlikely to understand what your favorite business means for you. Of great importance are the members of your volleyball team. If it consists of friends, acquaintances or colleagues, such a dream is an expression of deep gratitude for the support. If you play against them, it is likely that you will often encounter a lack of understanding. Teaching someone to play volleyball reflects your feeling about approach of responsible job or a possible promotion.

Volleyball in Freud's dream book: virtually all rhythmic exercises involving the ball mean unmet sexual fantasies. This also applies to volleyball. Perhaps you want to go beyond the bounds of decency that limits your lifestyle and implementation of own desires.

If you play volleyball in the gym in your dream, it foretells that passion will make you forget everything. You will not remember about your responsibilities.

If you play on the beach or in the yard, not for victory, but just for pleasure, it bodes that you will succeed without special effort.

The game of volleyball is a symbol of gaining the affection from opposite sex.

If you play this game you will be able to manage all your plans.

If you see yourself as a coach in volleyball, it portends that you will be responsible for something major and important.