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Voucher - Meaning of Dream

Voucher forebodes that you may become a member of such event, which will be completely unprofitable for you. Moreover, it will take you a lot of time. A dream, in which you own such a document, as a voucher, and at the same time you can’t find the use for it, shows that your character is represented by excessive anxiety. Even minor troubles can make seriously worry. It would not be so bad if it didn’t distract from important matters.

If you received a privatization voucher and used it in an enterprise, it means that your relatives will show displeasure about your attitude towards financial matters. They have an impression that you are spending money irrationally.

If you lose a voucher, it signifies that you will gain valuable experience thanks to a small error.

If you receive a voucher as a present - in reality you may have a great opportunity to realize own potential and you will use it with success. If you bought a voucher, it indicates your ability to influence the behavior of people around you. If you have sold your voucher in a dream, it means that you should be ready for a negative attitude of some people towards you. Probably, you will suffer unfairly from their backbiting caused by envy about your success.

If you invest voucher in stocks - you tend to make such acquisitions, which not only upset your loved ones, but also cause various suspicions against you.