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Vulture - Meaning of Dream

If you dream about a vulture beware of the wiles and gossip: you will be slandered by loved one.

If you dreamed of flying vulture over carrion, this dream warns of betrayal of your partner. Also it is a sign of severe, bleak, pessimistic thoughts.

A dream on Friday about a vulture is a lucky dream. Do not turn to evil, do not listen to advice - you are on the right track.

Vulture foretells that the information which you get to know may unpleasantly surprise you or cause malevolence. You might be proposed a dirty and poorly paid work which you won’t be able to refuse.

To see a flock of vultures hovering in the sky hints that you should beware of betrayal, intrigues behind your back, and secret plans of your enemies.

Vulture is a reflection of decline and/or destruction. Vultures are something unpleasant, but with significant effects, particularly important: news, secrets, hidden revelation requiring interpretation.

If you dream of a vulture beware of gossip. You can be groundlessly humiliated in front of your beloved one.

Worst of all, if vulture in your dream eats carrion, it portends that you will be betrayed by a loved one.

But the vulture in a dream at night from Thursday to Friday bodes that you will get lucky. Do not pay attention to gossip and useless advice, do as you want.

Dream of a vulture is truly a bad sign. Apparently, bad people tend to tarnish your reputation.

For lovers such a dream warns that there is someone strong and persistent next to them, who do not like their affection for each other and who wants to embroil them.