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Wait - Meaning of Dream

It is commonly that people wait for someone or something during the life; therefore the dreams about waiting are not surprising. Only when interpreting the dreams about waiting, a dreamer should recall additional fragments.

To wait - is to experience emotional feelings, even when dreaming. Thus, if a dreamer waits for the results of the exam or decisions of the boss, this dream indicates that in reality a person has some concerns and tries to find a wise decision for all problems. To be more precise: this dream is a sign of confusion, doubt, and originality.

If you wait for a meeting with close relatives or people whom you didn’t see for a long time, this dream promises excitement. If a man dreams as if he is late for work, and thereby he makes others wait, this dream foretells the exciting journey with a ladylove. Only in this case, he should not be late, it is better to prepare in advance. If a woman sees herself as a latecomer, this dream promises upcoming carefree existence, as all financial and material problems will be solved by her lover.

If you hurry up to work while waiting for transport, which is delayed, in reality you might experience a slight temptation. If you expect any momentous events, it's a harbinger of upcoming meeting with ill-wishers and envious people.

If in a dream you wait for your girlfriend, and at the same time you experience anxiety and fear, it signals of a quick solution of all problems that have recently worried you. Sometimes waiting for the meeting represents a dreamer’s desire to have partner for sexual pleasures.

Waiting for the verdict of the court, or for a letter (paper), indicates that a person has a reasonable fear for own life, and in reality something might threaten him. If you wait for nightfall to perform some action, this dream tells that your intensions will be groundless.

If you stay at home and wait for an important guest, thus looking at the front door or in the window from time to time, this dream states that your desires (plans) won’t be fulfilled. According to the old dream book, such a dream is considered to be useless.

If you have to make others wait, this dream is an alarm: it is necessary to show goodwill and patience, and then all worries will be in vain and will disappear.

Often, young ladies experience long and tedious waiting in a dream. If the thoughts of a young lady are busy with boys, the subconscious mind continues to give signals in a dream. After all, it is unusual for a lady to wait for her boyfriend at a date. Therefore, if she had to experience this feeling, this dream foretells the favorable outcome. For example, if in a dream a young man is late for a meeting, then in reality he will never do the same. If in a dream, the waiting was just a waste of time, and a dreamer has experienced disappointment and chagrin, that dream promises joy in real life.

Particular attention should be paid to the conclusion of the waiting. If a person had a feeling of remorse for own tardiness, in reality he/she is likely to be praised by management. If a person waited for someone, and that person has finally arrived, this dream promises good relationships.

If your waiting was not successful, this dream tells that you have to wait for the time when your work, achievements and efforts will be noticed.