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Wallet - Meaning of Dream

The famous dream book by Miller states that theft in a dream reflects dreamers weakness, which can cause a number of problems and failures, the mortifying experience will interfere with your plans.

So, if someone stole your wallet, the interpretation is symbolic - in reality you may experience potential loss of a large amount of money or even bankruptcy. After such a dream is not worth of getting involved in all sorts of transactions and borrow money, because the dream warns that you can get into trouble.

Stolen money is a sign of loss. If someone stole a wallet with paper money, you must be careful in business and care more of your health, a serious illness threatens you. A wallet with coins that was stolen portends little troubles and blather.

It is important to know that the loss of a wallet in a dream is not a good sign. You need to be wary of meeting new people who pose a risk.

A wallet itself is a sign of well-being. The loss of a purse portends the loss of well-being. Also, if the wallet is empty you may experience a loss, separation, and troubles.

If a woman loses her purse with diamonds and money, this means that she will lose good attitude of people around her; she will lose connection with them and will be the subject to deception and greed of enviers. If someone steals a wallet out of the bag, the girl will face troubles, which are combined with unplanned expenditure. If a woman watches as purse is stolen from someone else, she seeks for satisfaction of her passion and can’t get enough of the current situation.

If there was a large sum of money in the wallet and it was stolen, a dreamer should beware of big danger, up to the disaster. If the theft of a purse took place in the apartment, this is an evil sign, regardless of whether the dreamer was a thief or a purse was stolen from him/her. Being robbed in the apartment is the disappointment in reality. If you steal something in the apartment, you will face losses and separation; perhaps the betrayal of friends or a loved one.

It is important to know how much money was stolen: big sum- big trouble, both for men and for women, a small amount - light confusion for men, and improvement of the situation for women.

If someone stole your wallet, be careful, cautious and get ready for adverse changes in life. You may experience problems, disappointments, and quarrels with relatives.