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Wardrobe - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a wardrobe, in reality you should beware of many things. You constantly try to attract attention, want to become richer, or just try to look richer, and it can eventually change your destiny.

If the wardrobe is poor and it doesn’t have a variety of things, this dream hints you to think carefully when choosing new friends, as they might cause you troubles. For the girls this dream says to be especially careful when choosing boyfriends.

A wardrobe filled with lot of clothes is a good sign. This dream portends you fast promotion at work, and respectively, your material condition will be improved.

If you get something out of the wardrobe, it portends that you may encounter minor troubles associated with own friends. Therefore, in upcoming future try to communicate with friends as little as possible, not to make things get worse.

If you put something inside a wardrobe, it portends that you will cope with an issue that recently worried you. Eventually it won’t be easy, but it should work out if you believe in own abilities and strength.

A dream about a small wardrobe foretells that in real life you will seek for experience in unknown and unexplored sphere.

If you see a meager wardrobe, it foreshadows that communication with strangers can hurt you.

If a wardrobe is full of diverse rich things portends that you risk getting affected by boredom and despondency.

If you see that there is a big line in front of the wardrobe, it forebodes that important deals will not develop fast enough.

To arrange own wardrobe means that you try to be better than you are.