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Wave - Meaning of Dream


Usually wave symbolizes human emotions, or events that are coming in the near future.

In the dream you see an ocean of dark water, it means that your subconscious reflects your unconscious desires; and river water represents the flow of life in general, current affairs.

If you dream that the river suddenly rising by a huge wave that swept ashore, this dream foretells a significant event of great importance for the subsequent life of the dreamer. The quality of this event depends on what emotions caused this wave, was the water clear or muddy, dirty.

It is also important what the reason of this wave emergence was. If the water was muddy, carrying debris and dirt, and after it subsided you see remained destruction on the shore, it means that coming event will be negative, destructive, and dangerous.

If the wave of pure, filled with light in the water caused positive emotions, or brought something valuable with it, which was left on the beach or in the hands of a dreamer, in the near future there will be something incredibly good. The dreamer will receive a gift.

If a large wave suddenly appeared in the pool or small pond, it means that the future event will only affect one activity, and will not affect other matters and feelings. And in this case, it is important whether the water was clean, and whether it scared a dreamer.

While interpreting huge waves of sea water, it must be remembered: the sea and the ocean in a dream symbolize emotions, feelings. Big wave sweeping across the dreamer with his head, foretells a storm of emotions, splash of feelings.

Positive or negative value of the dream is defined, as in other cases, by the water quality and experienced emotions.

If the dreamer sees clean, clear, pleasant water and he/she likes what is happening to him/her, the dream foretells a wonderful experience.

It can be connected either with love or with creativity. If dreamed of a huge wave of dark, murky water, carrying terror and destruction that threatens to destroy not only human, but everything else, it means that you should be wary of a catastrophic event, the burst of negative feelings (hatred, anger, aggression).

A huge wave of dark sea water flooded the dreamer's head, threatening to drown him/her, and not giving the chance to breathe or swim to the surface, it means that a person will experience tough times when it is difficult to control the dark instincts and baser emotions.

This could mean a surge of lust, in a perverse form, excitement of a player, booze or drug addiction.

Another interpretation: a person can be influenced by the manipulator who will use the dreamer in own dark purposes.

If the dreamer sees himself/herself on the crest of clean, warm wave carrying him/her to a beautiful beach, it means that he/she will encounter a period of brilliant successes, triumphs, and prolonged prosperity.

If you dream that a huge wave takes you back into the open sea, and you can’t handle it, perhaps very soon you will lose control over your deals.

Clean water means success, health, luck; dirty and muddy, illness, failure, misery.

A huge wave in the dream promises great anxiety and a surge of emotions. If this wave of pure and pleasant water, it is a sign of a promising amazing love experiences or creative inspiration. If you dreamed of muddy, nasty water, you will need to confront any adversity.

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