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Wedding veil - Meaning of Dream

Wedding veil

If you're a girl, then for sure you will be delighted about the dream where you see a wedding veil, it's a sign of an early marriage. But, how men and married ladies should treat such symbol? Here is the explanation how to interpret wedding veil in many different situations.

Sure, a veil, is a symbol of something new and pleasant; usually a man who dreamed of veils understands this instinctively.

Indeed, it can be a prediction of long-awaited love and marriage for unmarried girls, or other pleasant change. If you dream of a snow-white veil, then life in the near future will not be negative; and the mud on the veil predicts gossip about you, spread by envious.

But this dream is unfavorable, if you are already married. For married women of veil, is a sign of family quarrels; most likely husband will not understand own wife anymore.

For men, veil in the dream is also undesirable, that is what Freud said. He interpreted such dream as a sign of doubt in beloved wife or girlfriend. But for young men without a couple, it means love and family life.

There are dreams in which you also clearly see the bride. If in such dream the bride is you and you are wearing a veil (or you want to wear it), then subconsciously you think that you are the best and show it to people around with all possible means. People may perceive your gestures as "show off", so be careful and pay attention to own actions. And maybe only the desire for profit pushes you to do that.

If you dream of a black veil, this is an extremely bad sign, foretelling death of a spouse; it is a sign of upcoming widowhood. Torn veil in a dream will make you look at your surroundings: someone is deceiving you.

If you observe wedding veil on the floor, or someone tears it on you, it means that in real life you will regret of inadvertently insulting phrase told to a loved one. It will be very difficult to make up again after that, therefore you should pay serious attention to such subconscious warning. This item in a dream can mean a passionate affair that quickly comes to naught.

If a girl digs through old things and finds a veil among it, it is a sign that she lacks of self-confidence. No matter how accurate were downers compiled by psychologists and scientists, people sometimes already know how to decipher the dream.

But frightening dreams (for example, in which appears the black veil or other extraordinary item) force us to analyze own actions and words. That is correct, so we better learn how to control own emotions and avoid quarrels with close people because of trifle.

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