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Well - Meaning of Dream

If you took water from the well in your dream, you may rejoice - soon all your wishes will be satisfied. Clean, clear water in the well predicts a bright future and new achievements. If you saw a stranger taking water out of the well, this dream promises success in the extremely important business.

If you went down into a well, it tells that your well-considered tactics will prevent the implementation of detractors’ plans.

If you drank ice cold, delicious well water, it foreshadows that you will go back to your roots and will remember the ancestors.

If you accidentally dropped anything into the well, this is a sign of insignificant loss.

But if you dreamed of the well in the place where it previously was not - it's a good sign, heralding the offspring to the newlyweds; for sick people, this is a sign of speedy recovery.

Unfortunately, the dream about the well is not always interpreted as positive. Be careful if you had a dream about dirty water in the well - it promises troubles and problems. An empty well warns you not to be trustful with unfamiliar people. If you got scared, because you suddenly fell into a well - do not worry, it just shows the power of your real emotions. Ruined well indicates failures and mistakes.

According to Miller, if you used a well for its intended purposes, it signifies that you are misusing own power. Beware: it can create an unfavorable situation that you won’t be able to bare.

If you fell into the well - most likely, you are on the verge of despair. Calm down and do not lose hope, you will certainly find the way out, though not as quickly as you would like.

An empty well warns: do not trust strangers, otherwise you may lose some of your goods.

If you dreamed of artesian well, it bodes that very soon you will access the “temple” of pleasure and knowledge. If you pump water from the well, this dream promises that your hopes and dreams will come true. Impure well water promises troubles and problems.