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Wineglass - Meaning of Dream

If you admired a sparkling clean wineglass in a dream, it means that you will receive an invitation to an entertainment event. Seriously think over the style of clothing and have a good mood - at this party you have the role of a "star."

Wineglasses were neatly arranged on a table, this dream promises a surprise meeting with a special and interesting person who will make an unforgettable impression on you.

Dreaming of wineglasses as a gift means that you will organize a small adventure, moreover your friends will admire you of how elegant and slyly you are.

If you received a couple of crystal glasses, this dream promises well-being in love.

If you planned to buy a set of glasses, but you did not have enough money, in life you are very frivolous and abstracted and often find yourself in awkward situations.

If you accidentally broke a wineglass, you will have a pleasant date on which you will learn many new and unusual things. If you broke a wineglass intentionally you risk quarreling with a loved one.

For unmarried lady a dream, in which she carefully washed wineglasses, foretells marriage with a rich but pinchpenny man.

Wineglass in a dream book of Miller is a sign of frustration and resentment that permanently deprive you of sleep and rest. If you are drinking liquid from a wineglass, it is a sign of failure and problems at work or in business.

If you are a woman and give a glass of water to your friend in a dream, very soon you will experience the forbidden pleasures that are incompatible with morality.

If you dream of a wineglass standing far away from you, it means that detractors will gossip about you.

If you refused to take a glass which was given to you, it means that you will have misunderstandings and conflicts.

If you saw a full wineglass, for a girl this dream may symbolize a quick pregnancy. Broken glass predicts disease, a glass of water - good health, with wine - pleasure and joy.

Wineglass in a dream is a prognostic of serious troubles in life.

An ancient wineglass in the dream means that a dreamer will encounter goodwill of strangers, or will have a big profit.

For a young lady, to see a glass full to the brim means that she might get pregnant soon.

If you see a broken wine glass, it means that you can fall sick soon.

If a wineglass is full of water or wine, it is a sign of happiness and satisfaction. If it is full to the brim – your relations with people will be excellent. But if liquid almost pours over the brim – be ready for a fight.

To drink water from silver glass means problems at work or in business.