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Work-book - Meaning of Dream

If a dreamer reads a synopsis, it indicates that in the near future he/she will need to update the forgotten knowledge. If the work-books are burned, a dreamer will experience the regret of losses that have been experienced at a young age.

If the synopsis is written by hand, certainly it reflects the time for learning process, or exams.

If you dream of work-book, it signifies your desire to get some clues from a friend about the way to solve problems. There are lots of very different, compartmentalized dream books not only professional orientated, but also related to seasons, various healers, astrologers, and so on.

Connoisseurs of this issue seriously warn people involved in the interpretation of dreams that the quality of the result depends largely on what kind of dream book is selected. This should not be forgotten when searching for the answer to the question - what synopsis means. Do not blindly trust everything that is written in different times by different people under unknown circumstances.

So, the most common interpretation of this dream, which is found in a variety of publications, indicates the difficulties in publishing activities, if any planned.

If you dream of a person who writes a work-book, you should be prepared for a meeting with the person of adventurous, clever and unreliable nature. If you write in a work-book, you will have difficulties in communicating using foreign languages.

The dream also may portend same fatal mistakes; in case, you observe a process of writing a synopsis by another person, you may expect litigation.

If you see bad handwriting or foreign language, this is a warning against business transactions and upcoming clashes with enemies. If you write a synopsis on a piece of paper, it is a herald of the imminent failure. If you see an abstract written with a chalk, the dream may portend the upcoming separation.