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Yard - Meaning of Dream

Yard has a symbolic meaning of reliability, security and prosperity. If you clean a yard and place everything in order, it confirms that you possess a strong spirit in a particular issues, and very soon you have chances to make better relationships with people you love and will be able to start deals all over again.

But dirty yard filled with useless stuff signifies that you are internally exposed, you are suffering from lack of support, and indecisive.

Standing in a small-sized yard, warns you about upcoming difficulties.

Purchasing a house with a large yard foreshadows that you will soon become more resolute. Decisions that you make may become more deliberate and correct.

To see yourself in a dream behind a high fence that hides the yard from the street is an omen of a great success. However, this dream also symbolizes that you will have a lot of envies soon.

If your yard is run by an old fence, you should pay attention to your money spending. Certainly, you spend a lot now. And it largely exceeds your income.

Working in the yard foretells upcoming relaxation from daily vanity.

Caution should be considered if you see yourself on a stranger’s yard. This bodes that you might shortly become a victim of fraud.

To see a dream, in which the yard is clean and beautiful means to be happy about something, to get good news, etc.

Some dream books note that dirty yard can symbolize a significant windfall.

But if you sweep something in the yard, it is not a good sign that warns you of significant expenditure.